The team

Author, design, illustration and art direction

Patrícia Fidalgo

I was born in Lisbon. I have attended IADE (fashion design) and completed the courses at ARCO in drawing/ illustration. I have been working in illustration and design for the past 20 years.I have worked in advertising many years as an art director at RSCG, as a graphic designer on a daily newspaper (Diário Económico) and as coordinator of the creative department at an agency of graphic design (Virtual Census). Currently I develop projects in Illustration and Artwork. My portfolio.


Filipa Caldas

I was born in Lisbon, graduated in Modern Languages and Literature – English/German -, and I started off as a copywriter at a small french agency that nowadays goes by the name of Havas. I met Patrícia at the agency, she was a modelmaker and later on became art director. She is so creative, fun and committed and back then she was already designing this project in her head. She is finally turning her dream into reality and I am glad to be a part of it.

Mentor (I st edition)

Margarida Monteiro de Barros

Essentially works with Companies and Entrepreneurs motivating them out of their comfort zone. Margarida: Born in Lisbon, were currently lives, although has lived in Milan, Barcelona, and Nottingham. PhD in Innovation for Sustainability by Loughborough University with a Product Design background between Lisbon and Milan. Started by working in an innovation consulting (in Barcelona) for 5 years before moving to England for her doctor’s degree. Restarted in Portugal working at Amorim’s Cork Composites. It has been working with companies, motivating them out of their comfort zone.

Translation: english-german

Diana Dâmaso

I was born in Almada in 1984. I was drawn to writing and foreign languages from an early age. I have graduated in Modern Languages and Literature – English/German – at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and over the years I have continually studied both languages,more as a hobby than a professional need. Most recently I have attended three semesters at Goethe Institut in Lisbon and ended up being awarded a scholarship to study in Goethe Institut in Göttingen, Germany for a brief period of time.

Translation: french

Francisco Sena Santos

Over the last decades it has been my job to be a storyteller and I do it gladly. I am a journalist. I was raised in the french culture: My studies in journalism were highly influenced by the french school of radio broadcasting. That is probably the main reason why Patrícia asked me to be part of the team,©”The Grandmother Quitéria`s Farm” translating the texts into French. What strikes me the most about Patrícia is her sense of solidarity. She works and aims for a fairer society, where everybody has a chance.Patrícia must get the chance to develop this project and benefit from our solidarity.

Translation: spanish

Juan Peña

Born in Buenos Aires in 1962. I graduated in Business Administration and I have two masters. I have always worked in multinational companies I met Patrícia in one of my language courses and inmediately saw her sensibility for certain issues. We talked about her project and what it meant for her. It was a big surprise to see we had so much in common and I am really proud to have slightly contributed to the project.


Maria Lázaro

I was born in Lisbon in 1956 and here is where I grew up. I have graduated at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. At first I only did family photos but later I started photographing nature and people and those are my favourite themes.I took part in three collective exhibitions organized by the photography groups Fotomanya and Click’s Fotográficos.In 2016,I was invited to a solo exhibition at Universidade Brasileira da Cruz Alta–Unicruz, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.At the same time,one of my pictures was published in the April issue of the National Geographic magazine in the feature “A escolha da redacção”.


Miguel Cipriano


Patrícia Fidalgo and Nuno Silva