The child discovers the rural imagery and builds the scenery with beautiful color images while learning languages.

Many hours of fun stimulating the imagination and developing the child’s motor and visual skills.

Biodegradable materials, box and toys on cardboard, wood pencils, a paper coloring book and organic rosemary honey glass jar.

The Idea

©”The Grandmother Quitéria’s Farm” it is a toy / game which fosters country life, the connection to nature, organic farming (traditional), outdoor activities and respect for the natural growth of animals and the vegetable world.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for ©”The Grandmother Quitéria’s Farm”, came from a cardboard box of my dear grandmother (from Lisbon) had filled with memories and the stories she used to tell me when I was a child. Stories from life in the countryside (“Cadaval”, a small village in Portugal near Lisbon), daylong trips visiting family small farms, making picnics in the daisy fields, in Montejunto (Montejunto mountain), travel on a wagon pulled by a donkey…which last a full day! Wonderful!!! ❤

The Experience

Suitable for children under adult supervision. ©”The Grandmother Quitéria’s Farm”, is an illustrated story, presented in a numbered cardboard box. All presented in 5 languages (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German).


The first store: “A Vida Portuguesa”

foto-vida-pt-creowdfundingThese are our products This is who we are

A Vida Portuguesa was founded under the motto of promoting the brands that lasted over time, of reaffirming the quality of portuguese craftsmanship and of revealing a surprising side of Portuguese culture.

The most beautiful store of portuguese products, vintage and new. It was the first to introduce  ©” The Grandmother Quitéria’s Farm”, It happened between 2015/2016 in its store at Intendente, in Lisbon, limited edition.



This author piece was manufactured using only portuguese products, designed and created in Portugal and respecting every intervenient in the value chain.

D M no. 14 (2004)” Reg. No. 4725/2015, ©”A Quinta da Avó Quitéria.” All rights reserved. The total or partial copy or reproduction of this piece is forbidden, as stated in the Copyright and Associated Rights Code. EN71.