The farm


A cardboard box which is an imaginary scenario and contains

  • 19 cardboard figures
  • 1 paper-back colouring book, where the story is translated in 5 languages 
  • 10 colour wooden pencils, made by “Viarco Portugal”
  • 1 glass jar (1.76 oz) of organic rosemary honey, made by “TerraMação”
  • wood straw
  • red satin ribbon

The production of the pieces is mainly handmade and craft, from its design to the filling of the box, to the sewing of the books, to the production of the jars of honey until the presentation of the crayons.

It’s an author’s piece, thus there are no equal pieces and each box has its own number.

Limited edition. Environment friendly.
Advised to use under adult supervision.

D M no. 14 (2004)” Reg. No. 4725/2015, ©” The Grandmother Quitéria’s Farm”. All rights reserved. The total or partial copy or reproduction of this piece is forbidden, as stated in the Copyright and Associated Rights Code. EN71.